Massage is a form of manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, particularly muscles, which has developed over thousands of years. It can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it. It promotes suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress, benefiting the whole body, both physiologically and psychologically.



Aromatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils in holistic treatments to improve physical and emotional well-being. Essential oils, extracted from plants, possess distinctive therapeutic properties which can be used to improve health and prevent disease. Both their physiological and psychological effects combine well to promote positive health. These natural plant oils are applied in a variety of ways including massage, baths and inhalations. They are readily absorbed into the skin and have gentle physiological effects.


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can be of enormous benefit not only to the mother but also to the unborn baby. It can help to alleviate aches and pains and other common health problems associated with pregnancy. Furthermore, research shows that the baby can benefit greatly from massage as "feel good" endorphins released by the mother during massage are passed on to the baby.


Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage uses and adapts classic Swedish massage techniques for treating the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It is extremely effective for treating stress because it works on the areas of the body most affected. However, although the treatment focuses on the upper torso and head the effects are felt throughout the mind and body. The use of oil during Indian head massage also conditions the scalp and hair and adds to the relaxation.


Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage has similarities to reflexology with the main difference being that the emphasis is on the massage. Reflexology is an examination of the reflex points of the feet, followed by a bespoke treatment. Thai Foot Massage , on the other hand, emphasises the massage and is intended to generally stimulate the reflex points of the feet, in order to stimulate the internal organs generally and encourage the free flow of energy throughout the body by thoroughly massaging both the feet and the lower legs.