Price List

Massage Treatments


Back, neck & shoulders (Approx 30 minutes)                              £30


Half body massage (Approx 45 minutes)                            £38

Back, neck, shoulders, arms, face & scalp


Full body massage  (Approx 60 minutes)                           £45

Back, neck, shoulders, legs, abdomen, arms, face & scalp


Pregnancy back massage                                                   £30


Pregnancy full body massage                                             £45


 Indian Head Massage (Approx 30 minutes)                        £30


 Thai Foot Massage (Approx 60 minutes)                            £45


 Your first appointment will include a free consultation which covers both medical and lifestyle issues. The consultation will last approximately 15 minutes so please allow for this additional time for your first visit.



Aromatherapy Treatments


Aromatherapy back massage                                              £35  


Aromatherapy half body massage                                       £45


Aromatherapy full body massage                                        £55


All aromatherapy treatments include a consultation, the use of appropriate essential oils and any recommended oil blends to be used at home




Back, neck & shoulder massage + Taster Thai foot massage      £40


Indian Head Massage + Taster Thai foot massage                                      £40


Thai foot massage + Indian head massage                                  £70                                                                                                   


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available and can be purchased either for a set amount or for a particular treatment.


Payment by cash, cheque or card                                                                





Payment is by cash or cheque please, cards not accepted.